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TPEC attends the 2014 Summer SPASA Pool and SPA + Outdoor living expo – Featuring the TPEC Display Enclosure for the first time, and Chloe McCardels World Record.

Photo of the TPEC display at the 2014 Summer SPASA Pool and SPA + Outdoor living expo

Once again The Pool Enclosure Company exhibited at the SPASA Summer show, only this time we debuted our display enclosure over the top of the swim spa where our brand ambassador completed a new swim spa World Record! We’re busy at each trade show, but with both our display booth and the enclosure setup we were quite literally flat-out with all the interest from industry and residential clients alike. After a long weekend we sat back and evaluated what a successful show it was – our best expo yet.

Photo of a spa at the SPASA Pool and Spa Expo

The TPEC display enclosure features both our OCEANIC High and VISION model profile shapes as well as a number of different colour and polycarbonate options.

Chloe Spa Record

TPEC Brand Ambassador Chloe McCardel breaks World Record – Longest Continual Swim in a Swim Spa – 16 hours

A massive congratulations to our brand ambassador Chloe McCardel – Marathon Swimmer and her husband Paul on her World Record – Longest Continual Swim in a Swim Spa! 16 hours of continuous swimming, including one hour when the power went out – Still didn’t stop Chloe! Amazing effort! A large Swim Spa was setup by Leisurescape Spas at the SPASA Pool and Spa Expo + Outdoor Living expo for the record. Channel 7 and ABC were there to record her efforts before, during and after her endeavour which was broadcast on all major channels, providing great exposure for Chloe’s record and all involved.

Demo Video Announcement

TPEC Releases Pool Enclosure Demonstration Video – featuring Chloe McCardel, Marathon Swimmer

Our demonstration video starring our brand ambassador, Chloe McCardel, is finally ready for launch! Click the link below and enjoy Chloe’s fantastic explanation of why all serious pool owners should invest in one of our award-winning pool enclosures!

Thanks to Chloe for her great work, and to Mathew Gdanitz for his professional service and production!

Paris, je táime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Paris, je t’aime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Do you love Paris? Everybody does! Even a movie has been made about it… I was in Paris for the second time in my life. First time it was just a weekend trip – run through Paris, see Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs Elysées, Arch of Triumph, tunnel where princess Diana died, Eiffel Tower, the Invalides, Montmartre with Sacré Coeur and quickly back to Czech republic. This time I experienced Paris at close quarters – especially the French people.
I can’t speak French. My fault, I should have learnt better. But I can speak English and German quite good. One would say that if it’s enough all over the world, it will be also OK in France. Fail. They don’t want to speak English (even if they at least a little can, they proudly deny it), I don’t even have to write about German. The solution was luckily simple – we took all our French customers to the second part of our stand, to our French colleagues (company Sésame) and they could speak French (with relief).

The cooperation with the French team was as good as gold and the visitors were leaving our double stand satisfied and with all information they needed. Sometimes also with signed contract (it is possible in France, unlike in Czech republic).

But also we, the Czech team, left the exhibition every evening satisfied, with the prospect of interesting contract, with many contacts to potential dealers and with enlarged ego thanks to never-ending praises. By the way – we had so many contacts, that we run out of pre printed forms on Wednesday (we always take approximately the same number on each exhibition) and we had to improvise. Of course we managed it quickly and enjoyed the rising pile of papers. Just the colleagues, who knew that they would have to process it, sometimes rolled their eyes.

On our Wednesday’s meeting with representatives of the Czech Embassy in France, we enthusiastically accepted the invitation from the Czech Commercial Counsellor in Paris on a tour of the building of Czech Embassy. On Thursday morning we therefore visited a beautiful historical building right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. The Commercial Counsellor Karel Zděnovec showed us all the state rooms including the terrace on the fifth floor with spectacular view on the Paris dominant. After a very pleasant and fruitful conversation we have tentatively agreed to cooperate. Then we checked the terrace of the Czech Embassy from above – we took a little time off and climbed the Eiffel Tower. And then quickly back to work …

All in all, another mega successful exhibition for us. And now it will be, in case of exhibitions, more or less calm until January…
Paris, je t’aime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013

One of the biggest shows of the year – AQUANALE Cologne

One of the biggest shows of the year – AQUANALE Cologne

I know that you are accustomed to Newsletters mostly written in the third person – e.g. ALUKOV attended the exhibition , ALUKOV opened a new hall,… This time I have to make an exception. For the first time I participated in one of the largest international exhibitions with ALUKOV. From 19th to 25th October 2013 Cologne became my temporary home. And I got many experiences.

Let’s skip the organization (which took several weeks), convening partners to traditional IPC dinner, booking hotels, shopping, packing and a long drive…

What was for example new for me: I participated in the exhibition from the beginning. So I didn’t come to the finished stand, as usual, but I was directly involved in the assembly of the stand. And I must say that what could under the hands of dozen of smart guys grow in two days, how everything ran easy peasy, was admirable. It was obvious that the ALUKOV team is already experienced, so: first the carpets, then electricity, build a bar and enclosures, stick LED tapes, bring and settle furniture and other stuff… Altogether twenty hours of work and the stand could welcome the first visitors. But besides joy we feel especially tired, and the worst is yet to come.

Tuesday: the exhibition begins… It’s time to take off comfortable shoes and slip into the high heels. From the first exhibition morning, we started beloved ritual on our stand – with the stroke of 10 o’clock a toast and our exhibition jingle – the main theme fromJames Bond. The sound then resonated in the hall 10.1, whenever one of our foreign partners or somebody special came to our stand. And there were lots of these opportunities.

Although we expected that the exhibition AQUANALE will be mainly the occasion to make new contacts, to expand the dealer’s network in Germany and strengthen existing relationship, many “final customers” – those interested in enclosures – arrived to our stand. Although that there were many business representatives on the stand, even I had to brush up on knowledge of German language and advise visitors which enclosures is the best for them. They were all very nice, apparently had a real interest in our products, so they forgave me my imperfect German. At the end of the day I think just about one – that I wanted to be a guy… (I do not know how THEY can complain that their feet hurt. Try to change it with me! At least the shoes…)

On Tuesday evening we all gladly accepted the invitation to celebrate the 10th birthday of Nastěnka, Alexey Shigayev’s (boss of our Russian partner Polikarp) daughter. Birthday party on a boat sailing on the Rhine, even when at the end of October was still a beautiful warm night, it was an amazing experience.

On Wednesday evening , representatives of the IPC Team and business partners from Germany and Austria met at the traditional IPC dinner. In the restaurant Em Golde Kappes they made for us typical Cologne menu and we finally had the time for some relaxed talk not only about work.
On Thursday night was held traditional AQUANIGHT – party organized by the organizers of the exhibition with dinner and a live band. With the vision that the last day of the exhibition is in front of us, part of us had fun till the late night and despite the complaints about sore feet we really hit the floor. Nevertheless the miracle didn’t happen – our legs hurt even more. I don’t wanna se the heels tomorrow!

The last day of the exhibition (Friday) was fortunately in a calmer spirit . The exhibition ended earlier, at four o’clock p.m. , many exhibitors had left it already during the day. Anyway we all were really lucky when we saw how many contacts of the people interested in enclosure and possible dealers we got. So in two years we will come gladly again!


SPASA National Member Announcement

TPEC accepted as a National Member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA Australia)

SPASA National Member logo

The Pool Enclosure Company are now National Members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA Australia). As the IPC Team Member for Australia, we distribute Alukov Pool, Spa and Outdoor enclosure solutions nation-wide – hence the importance of TPEC becoming national member of SPASA. We look forward to ongoing growth throughout Australia and continuing relations with the SPASA industry body, long term.

SPASA Gold Award


The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC) is proud to announce our Gold Award win – Sustainability Category, at the SPASA Awards of Excellence.

TPEC was awarded one of the three major awards at the SPASA Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner on the weekend. Supplying the world’s leading brand of enclosures (IPC/Alukov) and completing many great projects over the past year in Australia, TPEC has been recognised for the high quality and sustainability benefits provided on every project. All energy costs, water evaporation, chemical loss and cleaning requirements will be reduced by over 70% once an enclosure is installed.

Photo of The Pool Enclosure Company with SPASA and Chloe McCardel

It is encouraging to receive such an accolade and we are enthusiastic about the future of the Pool Enclosure industry in Australia, and how our products are changing the way Australians use and manage their pools.

For more information about the Awards of Excellence please click on the link below:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your support and interest over the past year.

SPASA Winter Show 2013

TPEC Attends SPASA Winter Pool & Spa expo – Melbourne Exhibition Buildings – 10-11 August 2013

The Pool Enclosure Company was yet again an exhibitor at the SPASA Pool & Spa expo. As Australia’s leading supplier of swimming pool and outdoor enclosures it is important for us to be in attendance of these industry shows to support the industry, serve our clients, and build the profile of TPEC and pool enclosure use in general. Hundreds of other suppliers also exhibit – ranging from pool builders, spas, pool covers, pool accessories and more.

SPASA Spa and Pool Show flyer

Over the 2 days we spoke to hundreds if not thousands of prospective clients, industry members and even people who hadn’t come across enclosures in the past – many were amazed at what is possible to achieve with our custom designed solutions. Pool enclosures have been the ‘done-thing’ in Europe for over 20 years, and it is becoming that way in Australia with the increased awareness of our products availability in the market place. Local pool owners are ever more aware of the poor value, high cost and maintenance requirements, and the liability a pool is when it isn’t enclosed – TPEC retractable pool and spa enclosures solve these problems and are simply the best and most functional method of enclosing a pool or spa now that they are available in Australia. Many people are enticed by the ability to use their pool year-round!

TPEC Sponsors Chloe McCardel Cuba-USA 2013


TPEC Prodly supporting Chloe McCardel logo

The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC) is proud to announce sponsorship of Chloe McCardel.

We first saw Chloe on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. After a little research, we decided to make the call to see if we could get involved – we are all

about swimming pools and we liked Chloe’s ambition and attitude. She is a great swimmer and reflects values we hold strongly.

After meeting Chloe and Paul the decision was simple – get behind Chloe, the swim and look at having Chloe as a long term Ambassador.

Proudly supporting Chloe McCardel logo

For more information about Chloe and her latest challenge please visit:

We thank Sunrise and encourage everyone to get behind Chloe and her charities – CanAssist and CanTeen.

Go Team McCardel!

Company information:

TPEC supply a large range of custom designed retractable enclosures, specialising in swimming pool, spa and patio enclosures. We are the Australian distributor for Alukov/IPC, the World’s leading manufacturer.

TPEC was founded in 2010 and is 100% Australian owned. The goal – change the way Australians use/manage their pools and outdoor areas. The idea of retractable enclosures is very new in Australia, however proven throughout Europe for the past 25 years.

Our products have huge benefits if you have a swimming pool. You can swim all day and night (like Chloe!), every day and still enjoy an outdoor pool when weather permits, plus reduce 75% of ongoing maintenance and costs. Our enclosures will reduce heating and cleaning requirements, minimised water evaporation and chemical use, whilst keeping all debris out of the pool.

From a safety perspective you can’t have a safer pool than a TPEC enclosed pool with controlled key entry, and all of our enclosures are UV protected so you will be sheltered from the harmful Australian rays.

We have a premium, European product with endless design capabilities. Our team of specialists deliver projects seamlessly – we are gaining a strong reputation throughout Australia as the leading supplier of retractable enclosures.

Our products have lifestyle, safety and environmental benefits, and will add value to any property or increase business revenues.

For further information contact TPEC on 1300 658 285:

TPEC/IPC Sponsors Champion Marathon Swinner, Chloe McCardel in her Cuba-USA Word Record Attempt

Title: TPEC /IPC Sponsors Champion marathon swimmer, Chloe McCardel in her Cuba-USA World Record Attempt: 20/05/2013

BREAKING NEWS: TPEC is proud to announce its partnership and support of Australian Marathon Swimming Great and English Channel Champion, Chloe McCardel in her greatest challenge to date – Swimming 170km’s from Cuba to America without a shark cage or wetsuit in aid of cancer charities CanAssist and CanTeen.

We first saw Chloë on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. After a little research, we decided to make the call to see if we could get involved – we are all about swimming pools and we liked Chloë’s ambition and attitude. She is a great swimmer and reflects values we hold strongly.

Chloe McCardel

We thank Sunrise and encourage everyone to get behind Chloë and her charities – CanAssist and CanTeen.

Amazingly, this will also set a new World Record – longest solo swim without assistance!

Chloe has completed six solo single crossings and two solo double crossings of the English Channel and has won the prestigious Manhattan Island Marathon swim (2010) among her many other accolades.

TPEC believes in Chloe’s cause and is proud to have her as an ambassador along the way.

As TPEC has taken out a secondary sponsor position, we engaged our supplier, IPC, and they have decided to take out the primary sponsor position and further support Chloe in her world record and charitable endeavours – fantastic news!

Click on the link below to learn more about Chloe and to keep up to date with her progress in early June.