TPEC/IPC Sponsors Champion Marathon Swinner, Chloe McCardel in her Cuba-USA Word Record Attempt

Title: TPEC /IPC Sponsors Champion marathon swimmer, Chloe McCardel in her Cuba-USA World Record Attempt: 20/05/2013

BREAKING NEWS: TPEC is proud to announce its partnership and support of Australian Marathon Swimming Great and English Channel Champion, Chloe McCardel in her greatest challenge to date – Swimming 170km’s from Cuba to America without a shark cage or wetsuit in aid of cancer charities CanAssist and CanTeen.

We first saw Chloë on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. After a little research, we decided to make the call to see if we could get involved – we are all about swimming pools and we liked Chloë’s ambition and attitude. She is a great swimmer and reflects values we hold strongly.

Chloe McCardel

We thank Sunrise and encourage everyone to get behind Chloë and her charities – CanAssist and CanTeen.

Amazingly, this will also set a new World Record – longest solo swim without assistance!

Chloe has completed six solo single crossings and two solo double crossings of the English Channel and has won the prestigious Manhattan Island Marathon swim (2010) among her many other accolades.

TPEC believes in Chloe’s cause and is proud to have her as an ambassador along the way.

As TPEC has taken out a secondary sponsor position, we engaged our supplier, IPC, and they have decided to take out the primary sponsor position and further support Chloe in her world record and charitable endeavours – fantastic news!

Click on the link below to learn more about Chloe and to keep up to date with her progress in early June.

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