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Chloë McCardel

Chloë is the Worlds top female marathon swimmer. She holds the World Record for the longest open-water solo, continuous, unassisted marathon swim (Bahamas, 124.4Km) She also has the record at Bondi Beach (60 laps/48km), won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island Marathon (2010) and completed multiple English Channel crossings. Her highlights include completing seven solo crossings, two single and two solo double (2010 double in 21hrs 48min and 2012 double in 19hrs 20min). Chloë has been crowned the fastest solo for the season (2011), fastest woman of the season (2012) and collected multiple awards from the Channel Swimming Association (CSA).

“As an athlete and proud Australian I love being a brand ambassador for The Pool Enclosure Company. Not only do they supply high quality and durable retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures but I admire the fact they are an innovative, Australian company leading their market. In addition, their products encourage people to use their pools all year-round regardless of the conditions, and I too like to encourage Aussies to live a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of the weather!” – Chloë McCardel

We first saw Chloë on Channel 7’s Sunrise program in May 2013, looking for support regarding her CUBA-USA attempt. After a little research, we decided to make the call to see if we could get involved – we are all about swimming pools, healthy lifestyle and determined to get results.

After meeting Chloë and Paul the decision was simple – get behind Chloë, the swim and look at having Chloë as our Ambassador. We liked Chloë’s ambition and attitude, she is a great swimmer and reflects values we hold strongly.

In February 2014 Chloë completed a Swim Spa World record for swimming for 16 hours and completed a crossing of the English Channel.

On October 21 2014 Chloe set the World Record for the longest open-water solo, continuous, unassisted marathon swim. Assisted by her support crew, known as “Team McCardel”, she swum 124.4Km in 41 hours and 21 minutes, starting from Eleuthera Island and finishing in Nassau, Bahamas.

In addition to the sheer distance of the swim, Chloe was stung by 15 Sea wasps (a type of Box jelly fish) and sustained severe sun burns, exhaustion, and hypothermia, and was hospitalised for five days in Nassau, Bahamas due to the 2nd degree burns she sustained during the swim. Amazingly Chloe plans on setting more records with an even longer swim planned. Stay tuned!

For more information about Chloë and her latest challenge please visit:

We thank Sunrise and encourage everyone to get behind Chloë, her swims and her charities – CanAssist and CanTeen.

Go Team McCardel!

Chloë McCardelChloë McCardel Swim Spa World Record