Pool Enclosure FAQ

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How long do pool enclosures last?

The typical lifespan of our pool enclosures is 30 years, hence why it is important select a quality enclosure from the outset, as a lower quality alternatives will not last the test of time and we have replaced low-quality copies in the past. We generally recommend that an enclosure is cleaned every 1-3 months, with the main focus of the cleaning to be the tracks themselves as the enclosure generally doesn’t pick up too much dust or dirt. Using a garden variety high pressure hose is sufficient.

Our enclosures can be expected to have very little cost or effort to maintain long-term, and we have very little demand for servicing at all from our past clients. We are of course on hand to assist if required, although even with the severe hail storms across the east coast, there has been no damage! Our enclosures are extremely robust.

Should I enclose my pool?

Absolutely! Our pool enclosures have won multiple awards in the swimming pool industry and for good reason – they are simply the best option when it comes to covering or enclosing your pool. Once your pool is enclosed, you can swim year-round, or extend your swimming season 9 months at the very least, while still being able to partially or fully open the enclosure when the weather permits within in minutes, and you will no longer have to clean your pool regularly and it is ready-to-swim anytime; Further, pools are becoming increasingly expensive to build, run and manage, meaning that a pool enclosure is money well spent in reducing maintenance and costs associated with evaporation, chemical loss, pump usage, and dust/leaves/debris entering the pool.

With weather becoming increasingly erratic in Australia, more current and prospective pool owners are turning to our pool enclosures to use and manage their pools more effectively, and with our highest quality enclosures, we really justify pool ownership. There are low, medium, high and lean-to enclosure options to suit your needs.

How much do pool enclosures cost?

Every enclosure we do is either fully custom, or at least semi-custom, and every site & customer requirement is different. We also work nationally, which can affect enclosure pricing, meaning we really need to provide pricing on a case by case basis. Most commonly our clients spend anywhere from $25,000 for a small/plunge pool, up to and over $100,000 for a large flagship enclosure, and naturally anything in between. This is after all an asset to your property, with a long life span and European made quality. We also provide solutions for commercial and government clients, which include much larger projects.

What is a pool enclosure?

A pool enclosure from TPEC is a fully retractable, high quality solution for enclosing a swimming pool to solve many pitfalls of pool ownership, as well as provide many benefits. Our enclosure are constructed of high grade aluminium, stainless steel, polycarbonate and rubber, and are specifically designed to endure the rigours of the pool environment for 30+ years. A pool enclosure can simply be a means of keeping leaves and debris out, increasing safety and reducing costs with a low to medium enclosure, right up to a high enclosure that is really like having and extra room on your property as a better alternative to a traditional indoor pool.

What types of pool enclosures are there?

There are low, medium, high and lean-to enclosures. We also do retractable roofs, commercial/government enclosure and more. We have curved and angular designs and number of different options, colours, materials and features for a truly custom experience.