Paris, je táime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Paris, je t’aime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Do you love Paris? Everybody does! Even a movie has been made about it… I was in Paris for the second time in my life. First time it was just a weekend trip – run through Paris, see Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs Elysées, Arch of Triumph, tunnel where princess Diana died, Eiffel Tower, the Invalides, Montmartre with Sacré Coeur and quickly back to Czech republic. This time I experienced Paris at close quarters – especially the French people.
I can’t speak French. My fault, I should have learnt better. But I can speak English and German quite good. One would say that if it’s enough all over the world, it will be also OK in France. Fail. They don’t want to speak English (even if they at least a little can, they proudly deny it), I don’t even have to write about German. The solution was luckily simple – we took all our French customers to the second part of our stand, to our French colleagues (company Sésame) and they could speak French (with relief).

The cooperation with the French team was as good as gold and the visitors were leaving our double stand satisfied and with all information they needed. Sometimes also with signed contract (it is possible in France, unlike in Czech republic).

But also we, the Czech team, left the exhibition every evening satisfied, with the prospect of interesting contract, with many contacts to potential dealers and with enlarged ego thanks to never-ending praises. By the way – we had so many contacts, that we run out of pre printed forms on Wednesday (we always take approximately the same number on each exhibition) and we had to improvise. Of course we managed it quickly and enjoyed the rising pile of papers. Just the colleagues, who knew that they would have to process it, sometimes rolled their eyes.

On our Wednesday’s meeting with representatives of the Czech Embassy in France, we enthusiastically accepted the invitation from the Czech Commercial Counsellor in Paris on a tour of the building of Czech Embassy. On Thursday morning we therefore visited a beautiful historical building right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. The Commercial Counsellor Karel Zděnovec showed us all the state rooms including the terrace on the fifth floor with spectacular view on the Paris dominant. After a very pleasant and fruitful conversation we have tentatively agreed to cooperate. Then we checked the terrace of the Czech Embassy from above – we took a little time off and climbed the Eiffel Tower. And then quickly back to work …

All in all, another mega successful exhibition for us. And now it will be, in case of exhibitions, more or less calm until January…
Paris, je t’aime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013Exhibition BATIMAT 2013

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