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The IPC Team are the worldwide network of distributors of Alukov manufactured telescopic / retractable enclosures.

ALUKOV is a manufacturer of retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures, based in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1995 and has subsequently become the world’s leading producer of retractable enclosures, with an annual production of over 3,000 enclosures.

Since its founding, ALUKOV has built a strong reputation as one of the major innovators in terms of technological development and quality of retractable enclosures. It is also the respected leader of an internationally recognized association, known under the name of Inter Pool Cover [IPC] Team – present in 39 countries worldwide, including Australia. Every year Alukov offers new technical solutions and new models of retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures enhanced by attractive and often unique features.

Jan Zitko, IPC Team President

“My name is Mr Jan Zitko, I am the President of IPC Team and CEO of Alukov. Alukov is a traditional Czech company, that has been selling swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures since 1995.

As the European leader in this industry sector, Alukov is well known for its quality, modern design and customer care. Every piece made in our factory is designed and manufactured according to your wishes and needs. Each enclosure is unique so it can fit perfectly on your property.

Thanks to our partner The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC) we can provide our service and products in Australia, even though it’s 16,000 kilometres from Czech Republic. With the highest quality already delivered to more than 20,000 customers worldwide, it is now available for you.

I hope that you will enjoy your swimming pool, spa or terrace enclosures by IPC Team”

– Mr Jan Zitko, Founder and President IPC Team and CEO Alukov

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Alukov IPC Logo

Worlds Leading Manufacturer

Drawing on 19 years of experience, manufacturing and exporting retractable enclosures all around the World, when you get an Alukov/IPC Team enclosure you know you are getting the best, with state of the art facilities and a desire for excellence and innovation.


Alukov/IPC Team retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures are manufactured to the highest ISO quality and sustainability standards. Alukov have been certified to conform with ISO 9001 quality management standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards throughout the manufacturing process of their products.